What Game on What Day is the Texas Lottery Jackpot?

what game onwhat day texas lottery

Texas is famously famous for its large plates of barbecue, cowboy hats, and massive lottery jackpots. Here you’ll find information on the Texas Lottery including its top winners and prizes for games like Lotto Texas and Texas Two Step.

Texas Lottery players can purchase tickets at authorized retailers throughout the state, such as gas stations, convenience stores and liquor outlets. Retailers receive a 5% commission on ticket sales. Texas Lottery also provides instant games such as scratch-off tickets with smaller prizes but potentially life-altering results – in addition to its traditional draw games.

Since 1992, Texas voters have supported this state-run lottery with over $43 billion being paid out as prize payouts since its launch. Two thirds of proceeds go toward education efforts as an overwhelming majority supports it as an investment cause.

Lotto Texas – Lotto Texas draws Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings and features an annual minimum jackpot of $5 Million that grows until someone wins it! Players pay $1 per line to select six numbers between 1-54. Winnings may be divided over 30 annual payments or all at once.

Garland resident Alex Waddell of Garland has become $1 Million wealthier after purchasing a winning scratch-off ticket at Tom Thumb Arapaho Village shopping center and matching all four main numbers and the Bonus Ball from Lotto Texas Millions Club drawing.

Millions Club is one of ten games offering top prizes of $1 Million or greater and can be played seven days a week at authorized retailers.

At least 180 days must elapse between the drawing date or game end date and when winning tickets must be claimed for scratch-off games. Winnings are subject to federal income tax withholding. More information on this topic can be found within the Tax Information section of our site.

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