How to Get Home Health Care For Parents in Need

Aging can be challenging enough without having to watch as your parents struggle, yet knowing they need assistance can be even more stressful. They may refuse to admit it themselves or their decline may creep up on you without warning – however there are signs you can look for which may indicate they require home health care such as accidental falls or an inability to manage daily affairs; such care could help your elderly parents remain safe and healthy for as long as possible.

One of the most crucial steps you can take as a caregiver for elderly parents is recognizing any changes in their behavior, whether that is missing dates with friends, failing to pay bills as scheduled or failing to take medications as prescribed. If these signs arise, talk to them about getting assistance – the sooner their needs can be met by home healthcare services the greater their quality of life will be.

Home health care refers to professional home services provided by nurses or therapists that are ordered by physicians and delivered through licensed providers such as nurses or therapists. Home healthcare may also involve non-medical tasks like housekeeping and meal preparation which may be covered by private insurance or Medicare; depending on your parents’ specific situation, an evaluation by a professional may be necessary in order to assess what level of home healthcare they require.

At this stage, it’s also essential to discuss their wishes for the future and ask questions regarding powers of attorney, advanced directives and living wills. Although it can be challenging, understanding their desires and being their advocate are necessary steps toward fulfilling as much of their wishes as possible.

Make their home safer to live in for your elderly parents by clearing away electrical cords and rugs from walkways, installing grab bars in bathrooms and stairs, adding brighter lights, or simply getting their help with this process. Do it alone or seek assistance from other friends or family members if needed.

Your elderly parents could benefit from your company by accompanying them to social events or helping with grocery shopping and household tasks, which will reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation caused by age. In turn, this could improve their mental wellbeing. Make sure that aging parents living alone have adequate emergency preparedness by purchasing a medical alert device or enrolling them in senior transportation service. AG Urgent Care of New York City provides home health care visits for elderly patients to address their medical needs and increase overall well-being. Reach out today to learn more or set up an assessment for yourself or a senior loved one; we proudly serve Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island!

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